ommander-in-Chief of the Bahrain Defense Force (BDF), Field Marshal Sheikh Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Khalifa received in Manama the Commander of the Italian Naval Fleet, Vice admiral Danato Marzano, and his accompanying delegation, Bahrain News Agency (BNA) reported.

They reviewed the friendly Bahraini-Italian relations, and ways to enhance military cooperation for the common interests of the two countries.

Inspector-General Major General Abdulla Hassan Al-Nuaimi, Assistant Chief of Staff for Supply and Catering, Rear Admiral Yussef Ahmed Malallah, Military Cooperation Director, Rear Admiral Mohammed Hashim Al-Sada, and Royal Bahrain Naval Force (RBNF) Commander Rear Admiral Sheikh Khalifa bin Abdulla Al Khalifa, were present.

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Program moves one step closer to final operational capability

PACIFIC MISSILE FIRING RANGE, Hawaii, April 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- After a complex series of U.S. Navy flight tests, Standard Missile-6 proves it's ready to reach its final stage of the acquisition process: full operational capability. Reaching FOC is a kind of graduation exercise that signifies the weapon's sea worthiness—no more testing required.

SM-6, produced by Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN), is the only missile in the world that can perform anti-air warfare, anti-surface warfare, and terminal ballistic missile defense.

"The U.S. Navy began deploying SM-6s four years ago, but we've continued to give it software upgrades and test it in every possible scenario to learn more about what it could do," said Mike Campisi, Raytheon's SM-6 senior program director. "We've continued to raise the bar, and the missile has exceeded it every time."

Four SM-6 missiles were fired throughout the testing, each against a single shore-launched, sub- or supersonic target. All four test missions were successful.

"The missile is fully ready for deployment in all three modes at sea," said Campisi. "That kind of flexibility is exactly what our sailors need, and that's exactly what they're going to get."

Final assembly of SM-6 takes place at Raytheon's state-of-the-art production facility at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Ala. Raytheon has delivered more than 330 SM-6 missiles with continuing production. The U.S. Department of Defense approved the release of SM-6 to several international customers in early 2017. 

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Forging Ahead at Thuraya’s 15th Partner Conference in Dubai 

Annual event welcomes international and regional delegates, showcasing Thuraya’s innovations in mobile satellite communications

DUBAI, UAE, April 25, 2017 – Thuraya Telecommunications Company, a leading Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) operator welcomed international and regional delegates from Africa, Asia, Europe, the GCC and North America at its annual Partner Conference in Dubai. Held from 25 to 26 April, the two-day conference is taking place at the W hotel.

This year’s theme of “Forging Ahead” celebrates Thuraya’s plans of continuing to disrupt the satellite industry. The event was kicked-off by Acting Chief Executive Officer, Ahmed AL Shamsi who shared an overview of the company’s progress in 2016 and its expansion plans into new geographies and markets moving forward. The sessions that followed provided insight into Thuraya’s strategy; gave an update on its next generation constellation plan and a peek at its upcoming product innovations.

The UAE-based company broke new ground in 2016 by launching the award winning XT PRO DUAL, the world’s only dual mode, dual SIM satellite phone; and unveiling its dedicated M2M service and first terminal to work in North America. The company also established innovative alliances with international mobile network operators and new service partners to further disrupt the satellite industry by delivering more value and choice for its customers.

Acknowledged by the industry in 2016, Thuraya won Telecom Review’s Satellite Operator of the Year Award and the SILA Satellite Humanitarian of the Year Award at the Global SatShow in Turkey.

Ahmed Al Shamsi said: “Partnerships are an integral part of our business. The annual Thuraya Partner Conference is our way of thanking our service partners for their dedication and support of the company. Our conference, provides a platform to share ideas, feedback, insight and tools that will allow Thuraya and its partners to find new opportunities and grow our markets and business.”  

Al Shamsi added, “2017 is jam packed with new announcements, services, products and updates that will break barriers and advance the needle of innovation further. We will be looking at new markets, segments and technologies that will lead to the development of different applications and business models. Our focus on quality, value, superior services and end users will distinguish us from the industry. We are deeply committed to our innovation strategy of making satellite communications more accessible, reliable, cost-effective and user-friendly for people to connect no matter where they are, and anytime they want.”

In addition to interactive panels, networking sessions, workshops and product demonstrations, delegates will experience Dubai’s world-famous hospitality at a special appreciation dinner. 

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On march 17th, Israeli Defense Forces released on their official twitter account "overnight, IAF aircraft struck several targets in Syria and were fired upon by anti-aircraft missiles". This statement was considered "unusual" due to the fact that IDF's common policy consisted in remaining silent when carrying out airstrikes in Syria with the aim of preventing high-value weaponry (sophisticated SAM systems, anti-ship missiles or even ballistic missiles such as 4th gen Fateh-110) from crossing the Syrian-Lebanese border into Hezbollah's hands. The only acknowledged and announced IDF actions concerned retaliations in response from incoming fire on the Syrian-Israeli border.

Today's statement made no mention of retaliatory measures yet it mentioned that airstrikes were conducted against Hezbollah’s strategic assets in Syria’s Homs district, not far from the recently freed Palmyra, recently liberated by the Syrian army's fifth legion with a backing from Russia.

Later on, Israeli media reported that the Arrow/Hetz system, a joint air defense program funded and produced by Israel (IAI) and the United States (Boeing), intercepted an S-200 (Code named by NATO as the SA-5) Surface-to-Air Missile. Israeli Home Front alarm sounded throughout the southern environs of Jerusalem and the Jordan valley while pieces of the arrow 2 rocket were found in Jordan 

The Syrian Ministry of Defense acknowledged, in its turn, the airstrike on one of its military sites in eastern Homs, adding that Syrian air defenses managed to shoot down an aircraft over the occupied territories, damaged another and forced the rest to flee. This claim was later on denied by Israel 

In this clash, qualified as the most serious between both countries in several years, both stories are quite confusing and inconsistent. Therefore, a number of questions have to be asked and some hypotheses are to be considered: First, the raid's location is a clear violation of the Putin-Netanyahu’s secret agreement concerning IDF's code of conduct against Hezbollah-destined weapons convoys. The raid's location, quite distant from the Lebanese border, is quite uncommon especially that a Syrian SSRC's production plant, where long-range missiles destined for Hezbollah are produced, is located near Damascus. Therefore, the claim of targeting high-value weaponry is to be questioned without undermining the elimination of a high-value target.

Second, the use of the Arrow system is also to be questioned especially that it is not made to intercept SAMs. Such Anti-air systems aren't stored in the system's database, which is supposed to automatically track trajectories and predict impact point of incoming missiles before engaging the ballistic missile. This may be inefficient against an S-200 missile since once fired, the missile disengages with its attached boosters to create 5 unpredictable targets. Consequently, there is no point of engaging the Arrow system beside for demonstration purposes.

The third and final issue concerns the shoot down of an aircraft by the Syrian air defense. The scenario remains plausible if we took into consideration the fact that the Israelis F-16 were escorted by drones, primary for ISR missions, in a similar way to what happened during Operation Mole Cricket 19. Back then, a squadron of Tadiran Mastiff and IAI scout drones were used to confuse Syrian SAM systems located near the Beqaa valley in 1982. Otherwise, these claims are to be seriously questioned.

Regardless of the chosen assumption, this new incident marks a new chapter in the regional confrontation. Shortly after Netanyahu's visit to Moscow, The Israelis broke the previously drawn red line with Russia, a major regional actor providing direct military assistance to the Syrian government, thus indicating their will to counter the Iranian influence in Syria regardless of the outcome even if it leads to an interference in the Russia-US air space management in Syria. On the other side, the choice of countering the Israeli aggression for the first time in the Syrian conflict cannot be only considered from a sole Syrian perspective. On the contrary, it marks a regional choice made by Assad and his allies from Teheran to Beirut, in what it is sometimes called the Shiite crescent, thus showing the capability to escalate even after six years of conflict.


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We are proud to announce “Arab National Security Forum, NSA Forum” as Official Arabic Online Media Partner for Bahrain International Defence Exhibition & Conference (BIDEC 2017), taking place 16-18 October 2017 at Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Centre.

NSA Forum is an independent media organisation specialising in up to date online coverage in English & Arabic for the National Security sector, and boast a following of over 900,000 followers across social media channels.

Mike Soper, Marketing Manager for BIDEC 2017 said: “We are extremely pleased to announce this partnership – NSA Forum has an incredibly strong online presence in the Defence & Security sector and with a high proportion of our attendees being Arabic speaking, this is the perfect fit for both parties.”

Brig Gen Andre Bou Maachar, CEO for NSA Forum said: “Our partnership for BIDEC 2017 reflects Clarion Events - the world’s largest organizer of Defence & Security shows - commitment to reach out and bridging the language gaps with the widest Arab speaking Decision Makers and Defence professionals in this key part of the world.”

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WASHINGTON, Mar. 14, 2017 - The State Department has made a determination approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to the Government of Singapore for XM395 Accelerated Precision Mortar Initiative (APMI) rounds. The estimated cost is $66 million. The Defense Security Cooperation Agency delivered the required certification notifying Congress of this possible sale on March 13, 2017.

The Government of Singapore has requested a possible sale of two thousand (2,000) XM395 Accelerated Precision Mortar Initiative (APMI) rounds; U.S. Government and contractor services; and other associated support equipment and services. The total estimated cost is $66 million.

This proposed sale will contribute to the foreign policy and national security of the United States by helping to improve the security of a friendly country which has been, and continues to be an important partner and force for political stability and economic progress in the Asia Pacific region.

The Government of Singapore intends to use these defense articles and services to modernize its armed forces to meet current and future threats, to strengthen its homeland defense, and to provide greater security for its economic infrastructure. The Government of Singapore will have no difficulty absorbing XM395 APMI mortar rounds into its armed forces.

The proposed sale of this equipment and support does not alter the basic military balance in the region.

The prime contractor will be Orbital ATK. There are no known offset agreements proposed in connection with this potential sale.

Implementation of this proposed sale will require U.S. Government personnel or U.S. contractor representatives to travel to Singapore for a period of one (1) week for equipment fielding and acceptance testing by the Quality Assurance Team.

There will be no adverse impact on U.S. defense readiness as a result of this proposed sale.

This notice of a potential sale is required by law and does not mean the sale has been concluded.

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Bahrain’s Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa met In Manama on Sunday with Pakistani Chairman of the Joint Chiefs-of-Staff Committee General Zubair Mahmood.

Talks during the meeting dealt with bilateral relations, particularly in the military field, Bahrain News Agency (FNA) reported.

Commander-in-Chief of Bahrain Defence Force (BDF) Field Marshal Sheikh Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Khalifa also received at the General Command headquarters Pakistani Chairman of the Joint Chiefs-of-Staff Committee General Zubair Mahmood and his accompanying delegation.

After an official welcome of General Zubair Mahmood, a discussion session was held between the Bahraini and Pakistani sides under the chairmanship of the BDF Commander-in-Chief and the Pakistani Chairman of the Joint Chiefs-of-Staff Committee.

The meeting was also attended by Defence Minister Lieutenant General Yusef bin Ahmed Al Jalahma, BDF Chief of Staff Lt. General Dhiab bin Saqr Al Nuaimi, Defence Ministry Undersecretary Major General Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, senior BDF officers and Pakistani Ambassador to Bahrain Javed Malik.

General Zubair Mahmood listened to a briefing on the history of Bahrain Defence Force and its development in the prosperous era of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.

The BDF Commander-in-Chief welcomed General Zubair Mahmood, stressing the importance of the visit in further strengthening bilateral military cooperation. He also lauded solid relations between both countries and their progress at all levels. He also pointed out the leadership's keenness on further promoting bilateral relations for the best interest of both countries and peoples.

Both sides exchanged commemorative gifts. Then, General Zubair Mahmood and Field Marshal Sheikh Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Khalifa paid a visit to the Royal Command and Staff College (RCSC) where they were welcomed by the College Commander Rear Admiral Abdullah Said Al Mansouri and senior officers.

The BDF Commander-in-Chief held a lunch banquet at the BDF Officer Club in honour of General Zubair Mahmood and his accompanying delegation. The lunch banquet was attended by senior BDF officers.

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IDEX's 2017 didn't only establish itself among world's major defense related events but also witnessed the signature of a joint agreement between Russian firm Rostec and the UAE ministry of defense aimed at developing and producing a light fifth generation aircraft based on the mig-29 airframe. Under this agreement, Russia is set to provide the UAE with fifth generation technologies in order to be produced locally in partnership with UAE defense firms.

The agreement, described as "completely different than other defense deals signed between the UAE and the west", revealed an Emirati intent of establishing itself as a major aerospace and defense pole in the MENA region. This goal, primarily driven by a desire of breaking from an oil-dependent economy, would be reached through a major shift in defense procurement strategies in a way that takes into consideration major technology transfers and the establishment of an infrastructure capable of building robust, technological products independently of foreign manufacturers. 

Around the world defense offset programs have been a serious source of criticism due to inconsistencies in generating economic value. however, it can be done with the right incentives in places for the various participants: exporting countries usually want to preserve jobs, contractors want to maintain control of intellectual properties while on the other side, exporting countries want to remove barriers to building industrial ecosystems-improving prepared human capital pools, and ancillary services- to take care of the opportunity.

From a Russian perspective, Russian Aircraft Cooperation MiG was reported working on another fifth generation aircraft, according to Deputy Prime Minister Dimitri Rogozin, aimed at replacing old MiG-29 variants as well as complementing Sukhoi's PAK-FA. Therefore, the signature of such an agreement would be essentially viewed as an opportunity especially from a financial point of view since it would significantly reduce research and development costs in a way that resembles the agreement signed with India last year.

However, with a fleet comprised in its culmination of 80 F-16 E/F Block 60 "Desert Falcons" and approximately 60 upgraded Mirage 2000-9, the agreement seems to be at odds with the interests of other major defense producing nations primarily the United States and France. The Emirati ministry of defense is reportedly negotiating with Dassault Aviation in order to be the next Rafale operator in the MENA region (post 2018-timeframe) while the United Arab Emirates Air Force is rumored to be the second Middle East operator of the Joint Strike Fighter following the integration of the 3F software. Consequently, political interference may not be dismissed at this stage to prevent this agreement form turning to reality in a similar way that previously occurred in the 90s when the UAE was about to procure a trust vectoring version of the SU-35 (publicly known as the SU-37) before finally deciding to procure Lockheed’s F-16.

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Commander-in-Chief of the Bahrain Defence Force (BDF) Field Sheikh Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Khalifa received in Manama Tuesday the Vice Chief of the UK Defence Staff, General Sir Gordon Messenger, currently on a visit to the Kingdom.

They reviewed the existing cooperation and friendship relations between Bahrain and the United Kingdom, Bahrain News Agency (BNA) reported.

They also discussed issues of common interest.

BDF General Command’s Court Director, Major-General Hassan Mohammed Sa’ad, Inspector General, Major-General Abdulla Hassan Al-Noaimi, Assistant Chief of Staff for Supply and Catering, Rear Admiral Yusef Ahmed Malallah, Military Cooperation Director, Rear Admiral Mohammed Hashim Al-Sada, and the British Military Attaché to Bahrain, Lieutenant-Colonel Andrew Price, were present.

Earlier this month, Commander-in-Chief of the Bahrain Defence Force (BDF) Field Marshal Sheikh Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, paid inspection visits to a number of BDF units.

The Commander-in-chief met the Commanders of the units, as well as a number of senior officers, and was briefed on their units' training programs, and the combat and administrative development plans.

He was updated about the units’ programs and future plans to raise the efficiency of the combat and administrative readiness to continue defending the nation and its hard-won achievements.

He expressed thanks and appreciation to all BDF affiliates for their dedication in assuming their patriotic responsibilities, highlighting the role played by the BDF in development and progress march witnessed by the kingdom, under the leadership of HM the King.

He pointed out that the BDF will carry on implementing its military development plans, in line with the directives of HM the King.

He underlined the BDF’s resolve to continue improving the capabilities of its units and weaponry through providing modern military installations and advanced combat systems, as well as the means and systems of modern training.

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Wins 2017 Top Land Mobility Satcom Innovation Award

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 8 March 2017: Leading Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) operator Thuraya Telecommunications, today announced that its groundbreaking Thuraya XT-PRO DUAL has been selected as the winner of the “Top Land Mobility Satcom Innovation” category in the Mobile Satellite Users Association’s (MSUA) 2017 Mobility Innovation Awards.

This is the second time for Thuraya to have won this award, which recognizes the industry’s leading mobility companies at the annual Satellite Conference held in Washington, D.C. Thuraya’s innovative SatSleeve that transforms smart phones to satellite phones had claimed the award in 2014.

Thuraya’s XT-PRO DUAL is the world’s first dual mode, dual SIM phone that unlocks the power of convergence and sets new standards for the industry.  Designed for users who move in and out of terrestrial coverage frequently, it can be used for government missions; and both on and offshore by oil and gas refinery and exploration companies. Thuraya XT-PRO DUAL also appeals to NGOs, SMEs and large scale enterprise companies, VIPs and consumers.

With a dedicated SIM slot for satellite communications and a second one for GSM communications, Thuraya’s latest handset transforms usability and choice. Supported by Thuraya’s robust network, users can enjoy clear communications and uninterrupted coverage across two thirds of the globe by satellite and across the whole planet through unique GSM roaming capabilities, with 389 agreements already in place.

“The XT-PRO DUAL represents a major advance in convergence making it the world’s best satellite phone. Its dual SIM, dual mode capability delivers unprecedented flexibility, which opens up new levels of value to end users. Once again, Thuraya has delivered a dramatic step forward in satellite communications capability, driven by market demands.” said Bilal Hamoui, Chief Commercial Officer at Thuraya. “Winning this award for the second time reaffirms that Thuraya continues to push the envelope to disrupt the mobile satellite industry.  We are committed to fulfil our customer’s needs and the XT PRO DUAL is a great example of that commitment.”

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